Friday, 9 September 2011

Coffee ! Innovation | Coffee and Technology

Of all species Homo sapiens [aka. modern humans] has in particular succeeded because of its ability to develop and utilize tools to shape their environment in a favorable way. Some historians point to a strong correlation between the increased consumption of coffee and the onset of the Industrial Revolution.

Today we are well beyond the Industrial Revolution and well into the Information Age. The interesting and unique relationship of coffee with human advancement is not coincidental. When taken in appropriate measures it is a safe stimulant that helps get our thinking into high gear. 

It is not unusual that the minds behind today's internet technologies are often associated with coffee. Coffee- and tech-speak have intertwined with words such as 'wired', 'cyber-cafe' and 'java' a part of most techies' lexicon. 

In fact, a big chunk of popular social networking sites are fueled by by the programming language Java, which derives its name from the 'Java' coffee which is said to have been consumed in large quantities by the language's creators (Collins English Dictionary).