Friday, 9 September 2011

Coffee ! Innovation | Coffee and Technology

Of all species Homo sapiens [aka. modern humans] has in particular succeeded because of its ability to develop and utilize tools to shape their environment in a favorable way. Some historians point to a strong correlation between the increased consumption of coffee and the onset of the Industrial Revolution.

Today we are well beyond the Industrial Revolution and well into the Information Age. The interesting and unique relationship of coffee with human advancement is not coincidental. When taken in appropriate measures it is a safe stimulant that helps get our thinking into high gear. 

It is not unusual that the minds behind today's internet technologies are often associated with coffee. Coffee- and tech-speak have intertwined with words such as 'wired', 'cyber-cafe' and 'java' a part of most techies' lexicon. 

In fact, a big chunk of popular social networking sites are fueled by by the programming language Java, which derives its name from the 'Java' coffee which is said to have been consumed in large quantities by the language's creators (Collins English Dictionary).

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Tastes Great With India Origin Coffee. Experience It Now.

Indian Coffee Ceremony prepared by tribal coffee farmers in Adimali, Kerala. These coffee farmers are members of the AOFG--an organization that creates coffee farmer co-operatives.

How Much Coffee Is TOO Much Coffee?

Coffee ! Innovation | Coffee and the Underpinnings of Modern Insurance

Lloyd's Coffee House

When Edward Lloyd started his coffeehouse in Tower Street in 1688, his clientele were mostly from marine based trades, merchants, sailors and ship builders. He would read out the shipping news and people would gather to do business and discuss industry related matters.

It was in this hub of enterprise that the merchants first began to form joint stock companies. Put simply, they realised that by working together they could be more profitable and reduce risk. At the time, sea-faring was particularly risky and many ships were lost. A great tragedy was the number of slaves lost at sea, which also cost the merchants dearly. So was born Lloyds of London, the first insurance company offering specialist marine insurance.

It is no coincidence that these great changes to business occurred in a coffeehouse. Once the businessmen of London stepped out of the pubs and into the coffeehouses, the capital would change forever. No longer a population soaked in gin, but all high on caffeine!


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Coffee for a Cause | Anna Hazare and the Cause for Peaceful Revolution

Coffee culture has has played a vital role through the ages in facilitating revolutions.  It was at a coffeehouse that the stirrings of the French Revolution began.  Further back Arab rulers imposed a ban on the consumption of coffee for fear of its association with democratic ideals.

Today's youth have taken on to the cause of the anti-corruption movement spearheaded by Anna Hazare.  On social networking sites, at cafes or at home huddled over cups of coffee they contemplate and discuss the deeper meaning and relevance of this particular cause at this juncture in our country's history before taking to the streets, united in their resolve.

Here's to Team Anna!
The Team at AeroPress India

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Tastes Great With India Origin Coffee

AeroPress Coffee being served at a local cafe in India.

Tastes Great With India Origin Coffee. Experience It Now.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Around the World With AeroPress | Nordic Coffee Culture

The Nordic countries take their coffee seriously. In fact they consume the most coffee per capita.

Notwithstanding their domination in the world of Italianate espresso preparation (since its inception in 2000, Scandinavians have dominated the World Barista Championships, winning seven titles) is an intense passion for enjoying coffee the filtered way.

AeroPress has been quick to gain reputation as a superior form of filtered coffee extraction since its introduction to the Nordic coffee markets. As Nordic coffee culture favours the nuanced flavour aspects of coffee, AeroPress filtered coffee preparation affords the finer aspects of the bean to be pronounced.

Tim Wendelboe--2004 World Barista Champion and somewhat of a celebrity among the coffee cognoscenti--prefers to serve discerning clientele Aeropressed coffee at his Oslo espresso bar.

That the 2010 World AeroPress Champion Marie Hagemeister hails from Copenhagen, Denmark furthers the argument for Nordic coffee authority.

Which country will take the crown this October at the World AeroPress Championship 2011 in Milan, Italy?