Thursday, 1 September 2011

Around the World With AeroPress | Nordic Coffee Culture

The Nordic countries take their coffee seriously. In fact they consume the most coffee per capita.

Notwithstanding their domination in the world of Italianate espresso preparation (since its inception in 2000, Scandinavians have dominated the World Barista Championships, winning seven titles) is an intense passion for enjoying coffee the filtered way.

AeroPress has been quick to gain reputation as a superior form of filtered coffee extraction since its introduction to the Nordic coffee markets. As Nordic coffee culture favours the nuanced flavour aspects of coffee, AeroPress filtered coffee preparation affords the finer aspects of the bean to be pronounced.

Tim Wendelboe--2004 World Barista Champion and somewhat of a celebrity among the coffee cognoscenti--prefers to serve discerning clientele Aeropressed coffee at his Oslo espresso bar.

That the 2010 World AeroPress Champion Marie Hagemeister hails from Copenhagen, Denmark furthers the argument for Nordic coffee authority.

Which country will take the crown this October at the World AeroPress Championship 2011 in Milan, Italy?